Spotlight: The Chaps Climbing Club

The clubs and programs that are part of College Outside (AKA you guys) are the bread and butter of everything we do. So it’s about time they’re recognized for it. These club features are a place for our clubs to tell their craziest stories, best adventures, and what makes them truly unique and/or the best club to ever exist. We’ll let you guys debate that. We already know how cool they are, now everyone else can too. Meet the Chaps Climbing Club from College Place, Washington. They’re a mountain sports club and they’re all kinds of awesome.


1. Describe the essence of your club in a sentence or two. What makes you guys you! 

Founded in 2015 by a group of three college students living in Pacific Northwest, the club began as a simple, non-profit way to encourage fellow students to engage in both athletic and conservational activities outside.  While personal recreational goals often take over much of the spotlight, community building events are also included to widen cultural perspectives.


2. What is your favorite event that you put on? Please describe! 

Currently we are working on a film project, in conjunction with a few Northwest filmmakers and companies, that will have three of our leaders climbing up and then skiing down Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, and Mount Hood during a three-day weekend.  The producer plans to enter it into multiple film festivals, including the Banff Mountain Film Festival next fall.  #pnw333


3. Tell us your deepest, darkest secrets… What’s something you wouldn’t want your mom to know about the happenings of your club?

We don’t allow falsetto singing.


4. Do you have any absolutely legendary traditions? 

One of our leaders, Niqolas Ruud, breaks the rule about falsetto singing on the daily.  This is a tradition the rest of the club members dispise.


5. What are you most proud of about your club? 

We’re most proud of our ability to get from place-to-place very fast, our professional chauffeur, Tyler Humphries, is a master at lightning-fast driving.


6. If you could give a piece of sage advice from your club to the world what would it be?

As one of our members once said, “There are more people on earth than anywhere else.”  This is a fantastic bit of advice, sage advice even, which everyone the world over ought to hear.


7. Anything else you’d like to add…

If you are interested in joining or supporting us from afar, email for more information.


For more information about the Chaps Climbing Club, check out their website at or on Instagram: @thechapsclimbing #thechapsclimbing #pnw333

Photo credit for the header photo goes to Niq Ruud, Insta: @riq_nuud

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Hailing from the lovely mountain town of Durango, Colorado, Audrey was born and raised on muddy desert rivers and high mountain wildflowers. Growing up in such close proximity to awesome places like Canyonlands, the LaPlata Mountains, and more influenced Audrey's addiction to constantly being outside, doing everything from rafting to backpacking to skiing. The highlight of her life is her recent trip down the Grand Canyon, braving 25-ft waves in a 26-year-old bucket boat and exploring Elves' Chasm, Deer Creek, Havasu and so much more for 16 days. She can now die happy. Audrey continues to adventure in the great outdoors in Bozeman, Montana as she pursues a degree in Architecture at Montana State University. Although she spends a fair amount of time at Bridger Bowl University shredding the gnar as well.