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June 12, 2018

Importance of Climbing Safety Education in College Outing Clubs

Climbing, Featured, belay device, belayer, campus outdoors, campus outdoors clubs, chain of events, climbers, climbing, climbing is dangerous, end of the rope, glass rock, grigri belay, grigri belay device, looking, looking glass, looking glass rock, outdoors clubs, proper stopper, proper stopper knot, rock climbing, stopper knot

Header photo credit: Colby Yee, @colby_yee I was halfway up the first pitch on Looking Glass Rock in southeast Utah when I heard a thud. To my left, I watched as a climber rolled downslope away from the rock face and came to rest in a sa...


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July 12, 2018

Climbing Safety Education in College Outing Clubs: Rappelling

Climbing, Gear, 2012 study, basic rappel, basic rappel system, belay, belay device, belay loop, brake position, break hand, climbing safety, critical point, extended rappel, friction hitch, hand slips, locking carabiner, rappel, rappel system, rappelling, search and rescue, search and rescue incidents, stopper knots

Rappelling isn’t the most glamorous part of climbing, or the hardest. Despite these facts, and perhaps because of them, rappelling is one of the most dangerous aspects of climbing. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Wilderness an...

June 12, 2018

Importance of Climbing Safety Education in College Outing Clubs

Climbing, Featured, belay device, belayer, campus outdoors, campus outdoors clubs, chain of events, climbers, climbing, climbing is dangerous, end of the rope, glass rock, grigri belay, grigri belay device, looking, looking glass, looking glass rock, outdoors clubs, proper stopper, proper stopper knot, rock climbing, stopper knot

Header photo credit: Colby Yee, @colby_yee I was halfway up the first pitch on Looking Glass Rock in southeast Utah when I heard a thud. To my left, I watched as a climber rolled downslope away from the rock face and came to rest in a sa...

May 10, 2018

Build Your Own Splitter Crack to Train Anywhere

Climbing, allie, basement, best way to train, can traverse, climbing, crack board, crack climbing, crackhouse, desert, doing laps, foot jams, four 10-foot, hands first, indian creek, jamming, roland, roland's basement, spring break, training, way to train

Jammed into the roof crack, my hands and toes were all that kept me off the ground as I caught a glimpse of the desert tortoise below. I could smell the fresh scent of dryer sheets and hear the hum of the dehumidifier. Did I mention I wa...

May 3, 2018

Penn State Outing Club Shut Down, but the Fight is Far from Over

Camping, Club Features, Editorial, Featured, Hiking, News, campus, campus recreation, club sports, enforced by campus recreation, office of student activities, outdoor, outdoor adventures, outdoor recreation, outing club, outside, penn state, power of student groups, psoc leaders, psoc members, right to get outside, right to lead trips, risk assessment, state outing club, student, student activities

On April 10th, the Pennsylvania State Outing Club (PSOC) announced that it would cease to organize student-led trips for the student body in an official disbanding imposed by University administration. The decision, enforced by Campus Re...

April 24, 2018

Traveling Iceland on a College Budget

Featured, From the world, Trip Report, burnt rice, could see, definitely worth, dinner, driving, expensive, fajita seasoning, free waffles, full day, hot springs, iceland, national park, ocean, prepared to spend, rental, rental car, seasoning, snæfellsnes peninsula, very expensive, worth seeing

When people ask how my spring break went, it’s hard to know where to begin … Do I describe how the rainbow-colored mist hit my face, gazing up at Skógafoss? Or dangling my feet over a cliff edge as I listened to the gentle lap of th...

April 9, 2018

Spotlight: Project Rock Climbing Gym Headlamp Event

Climbing, Club Features, climbers, climbing community, climbing community here, climbing event, climbing gym, college climbing, community, community here, event, florida, here in florida, night climbing, night climbing event, outdoor climbing, project rock, realistic, realistic walls, rock climbing, rock realistic, rock realistic walls

  For those of us who are part of the climbing community here in Florida, we have definitely felt the deficit when it comes to realistic training for outdoor climbing. It’s true when they say that the only real way to prepare for an ou...

April 1, 2018

College Outside officially discontinues all men’s gear, says guys can just buy larger female sizes

Editorial, Featured, Gear, april, college, college outside, eder, female, important, industry, outdoor, outdoor industry, outside, small step, today, website, women

April 1, 2018 — Ladies and women, females and girls, get your typewriters and fountain pens ready because today marks a momentous occasion that will go down in history books for all of eternity. College Outside, the world-famous collegia...

March 22, 2018

Get Experience, Get Outside: Managing School and an Internship

Student Features, Winter, colorado, companies, company, experience, explaining, future, grabbing, grabbing coffee, important, industry, intern, internship, looking, minturn, office, snowboard, split-board, together, weston, working

What is that? was my first reaction as I looked at my Outward Bound Instructor’s split-board. What looked like a pair of oddly cut skis were actually two halves to a snowboard. The core concept is that you can put skins on the bottom, ...

March 14, 2018

College Outside Takes the American Alpine Club Benefit Dinner

Climbing, News, accomplishment, alex, alex honnold, award, climber, climbers, climbing, college, college outside, dinner, feeling, hayes, honnold, inspiring, margo, margo hayes, mountaineering, outside, outstanding, stories

There’s something comical about a roomful of rock climbers and mountaineers all clad in tuxedos and sequined gowns. I thought this as I tottered into the cocktail hour at the American Alpine Club’s Annual Benefit Dinner. I wore a dr...

March 8, 2018

International Women’s Day: Reflections of a Female Climber

Climbing, Featured, belay charlotte, charlotte, charlotte and i sit, charlotte sent, climbing, credit zoe, credit zoe gates, dante's wall, final climb, first 5.11, glitter gulch, jack and ethan, las vegas, photo credit, photo credit zoe, photo credit zoe gates, red rock, red rock canyon, rock canyon, zoe gates

It’s the golden hour of desert rock climbing—the fleeting moments before dusk when the sandstone crags catch fire and the cacti appear almost lush in the setting sun. It’s this blissful hour that I tend to relish. Each final pitch ...

March 5, 2018

OutThere Colorado: Leave No Trace this Winter with These Best Practices

Camping, Featured, Hiking, Seasonal, Winter, bathroom, covered, designed, gotta, human, leave no trace, off-trail, saplings, travel, use the bathroom, vegetation, vulnerable, waste, winter

By Meg Atteberry, OutThere Colorado Just because the ground is covered doesn’t mean you can throw Leave No Trace out the window. Mountain ecosystems work overtime to survive in harsh winter weather. Keep your outdoor space pristine thi...

February 28, 2018

Post-Grad Adventures of Indigo Catton on the Pacific Crest Trail

Camping, Hiking, Student Features, Trip Report, 2 or 3, 2 or 3 hours, caitlin, caitlin olson, credit caitlin olson, credit indigo, credit indigo catton, friend caitlin, indigo, indigo and caitlin, indigo catton, manning park, now for the fun, outdoors club, photo credit, photo credit caitlin, photo credit caitlin olson, photo credit indigo, photo credit indigo catton, trail family

Have you ever made a crazy, outdoors-related bucket list for yourself? Ever considered actually completing it? The colorful Indigo Catton, University of Pennsylvania grad and Penn Outdoors Club (UPOC) President 2016-2017, is doing just t...

February 11, 2018

Part 1: You know you’re dating an outdoors person when…

Featured, Seasonal, adventures, amount, climbing, collection, dating, dating an outdoorsman, day of the year, goggle tan, know you're dating, mystery, outdoorsman, romantic, skier, sleeping, stories, watching

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and what a time it is for all the lucky ducks in love! February 14 is the one day of the year you can bring out all the cheese you can muster, and do everything in your power to show that special someone how...

February 7, 2018

The 5 Best… and 5 Worst Outdoorsy Date Ideas

Camping, Climbing, Featured, Hiking, Seasonal, climbing, conversation, date ideas, first time, great date, hot springs, ice climbing, ideas, mountain, new england, option, outdoor date, outdoor date ideas, picnics, questions, relaxing, roadies, rock climbing, second date, teaching

This guide to dating in the outdoors will prepare you for the rigors of the college outing club dating scene. If you are looking to make it to that second date, follow my advice and steer clear of my five worst ideas. Hopefully one of my...

January 25, 2018

Education through Experience: Importance of a Gap Year

From the world, Trip Report, back at school, career, college, experience, experiences, explore, gap year, greatest, india, mountains, opportunity, returning, seeing, take a break, taking, taking a gap, taking a gap year, together, together as a group, wanted

Over recent years, the gap year trend has seen a steady rise in popularity, as high school or college graduates and burnt out undergrads seek new ways to expand their horizons. For students with school-related doubts, the benefits of tak...

January 16, 2018

Climate Change: Effects on our Outdoor Livelihood

Featured, From the world, Hiking, News, Water, Winter, biodiversity loss, climate, climate change, co2 levels, figure 1, glacial retreat, global warming, human, human existence, ice caps, ice sheets, industrial centers, levels, millions of years, planet, sea levels, surface temperature, temperature increases, temperatures rise, warming

The sun is beating down on all of us excited tourists as we deboard the alpine train. An idyllic scene greets us; layers of tall pines and alpine flowers line the surrounding mountains. Ahead, a thunderous river grinds through the valle...

December 20, 2017

Climbing is not a “Man’s Sport”

Climbing, black mountain, climbers, climbing, climbing gym, female, female climbers, knott @sierraroseknott, local climbing, local climbing gym, margo hayes, rock climbing, sending a team, sending a team v9, sierra knott, sierra knott @sierraroseknott, team v9, team v9 in black, team v9 in black mountain, v9 in black, v9 in black mountain

Let me preface this by saying that I’m new to rock climbing. Although I got addicted to it within my first couple of visits to my local climbing gym, my experience in the sport is very limited. Nevertheless, I have become exposed to ma...

December 13, 2017

When You’re Stressed, Hug a Tree

Featured, Hiking, Seasonal, article, getting outside, great outdoors, guilty, hypothesis, library, nature, one student, outdoors, outside, pedal, researchers, river, said one student, students, survival advantages, taking, total, upoc, water

I wait, patiently poised at the stoplight, one foot on the ground, the other resting on the pedal. The noxious smell of unidentifiable smoke permeates the air as cars wiz past, a constant hum of steady traffic. But across the street, lin...

December 9, 2017

Destress During Finals Week: A Photo Album

Climbing, boyfriend daniel, called you wish, castle, castle rock, climbing, daniel, daniel close, decided, favorite, first clip, florida, foster, foster falls, jackie, jasper, nature, photos, sending, sending hard, wish i was trad

This time of year, we’re all stressed. And that’s putting it lightly. There’s so much to prepare for and study and finish before the sweet relief of break, and it’s super overwhelming. Sometimes, the best way to deal with all this headac...

November 23, 2017

I’m thankful for the outdoors

Climbing, Featured, Hiking, Seasonal, Skiing, canyon, climbing, desert, family, friends and family, grand canyon, memories, mountains, national, obsessed, outdoor, outside, pretty, pretty great, sandstone, skiing, somehow, summer, thankful, water

Happy turkey day lovely people! We’ve all made it through the longest part of first semester, and now we get to stuff our faces with incredible food and spend time with the ones we love. It really doesn’t get much better than that. T...

November 6, 2017

Student Spotlight: Featuring the PacBack Trio

Camping, Gear, Student Features, backcountry, backpacking, began, comfortable place, experience, first step, given, has given, kickstarter, launching, metal i-beams, mountains, outdoor industry, pacback, product, program, start-up, support, trio, venture

My name is Lily and I am a start-up co-founder. Well, at least half of the day I am. The other half I go to class, study for tests, and make my way one day at a time towards graduation. I like to joke that I am majoring in mountains. Th...

November 1, 2017

A no-experience-required guide to trip leading

Camping, Hiking, appalachian trail, bourn pond, day hike, day of hiking, douglas shelter, full day, full day of hiking, hike to bourn, hike to bourn pond, hike to stratton, logging road, pitch black, prior to the trip, proceeded to pull, roll with the punches, stratton mountain, stratton pond, trip leader, william douglas, william douglas shelter

I knew I was in too deep as soon as we started the hike. My legs were still tight from the six-and-a-half-hour car ride, my breathing was already quick, and I had a hunch that my pack wasn’t fitting right. I struggled for about a quart...

October 27, 2017

The right jacket to pack on any adventure

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Any super successful outdoor adventure hinges on preparedness. Like bringing a tent on a rivertrip so instead of getting rained on every night and sleeping in spider ridden caves to stay dry, you can be rocked to sleep by the pitter pat...

October 12, 2017

Summiting Half Dome: Failure, Lessons, Second Chances

Hiking, Trip Report, elevation gain, feet of elevation, feet of elevation gain, give yourself enough time, half dome, hiking alone, mist trail, national park, nevada falls, photo credit, prepare physically, stone steps, summit half, summit half dome, time to prepare, vernal fall, vernal falls, yosemite national, yosemite national park, yourself enough time to prepare

After a very rough year of minimum outdoor exposure and a lot of time sitting in front of a computer studying and working, I felt as if something in my life wasn’t quite right. I looked back at all the things I had accomplished in that...

September 26, 2017

Major in great outdoors like U. Penn alumni Natalie Jones

Student Features, canyon, cool research, doing field, favorite hike, feel better, first time, first time seeing, grand canyon, layers, natalie, national park, north rim, resource management, right now, roaring springs, rock layers, science and resource, science and resource management, seeing the canyon, time seeing

Have you ever dreamed of combining your passion for the outdoors with your career? I interviewed Natalie Jones, Grand Canyon intern, about what she does and how she got there, starting out in undergrad. If you, too, are interested in doi...

September 13, 2017

How to literally major in mountains

From the world, Hiking, Trip Report, abroad, biology, chamanna segantini, hiking, italian, italy, mountain, mountains, muottas moragl, piz chamanna, piz chamanna segantini, professor, running, studying, studying abroad, summer, sunset, sunset on muottas, sunset on muottas moragl, switzerland

It’s that time of year again. We’re beating the same familiar paths back to the biology building, moving into new apartments or dorms and realizing we remembered to bring the decorative pillows but forgot the kitchen knives, and runn...

September 6, 2017

Hiking the John Muir Trail: Packing and Preparation

Camping, Featured, Hiking, also know, beauty, carry, couple, difficult, first trip, granite, hiking, john muir, john muir trail, middle palisade, muir trail, palisade, preparing, sierras, summer, summit, two weeks

In early September, a couple friends and I are leaving the trappings of jobs, cell phones, and alarm clocks for two weeks of bliss. Each day our job will be to hike through the unmatched beauty of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. ...

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