OutThere Colorado: Why You Should Take an Avalanche Awareness Clinic

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By Meg Atteberry, OutThere Colorado

Regardless if you have years of experience in the backcountry, or you are just getting started, everyone has something to learn at an avalanche awareness clinic.

What Is an Avalanche Awareness Clinic?

This two-hour course is designed to give a brief, high-level overview of avalanche problems, gear, and rescue. An avalanche awareness clinic is not meant to be a substitute for a formal, three-day AIARE course. The topics covered in this course are meant to be a friendly reminder of the dangers of avalanches in Colorado. If you plan on traveling in the backcountry, either on foot, skis or mechanized equipment, take an AIARE Level One course specific to your mode of travel. 

Backcountry skiing - Meg Atteberry - OutThere Colorado

Photo Credit: Meg Atteberry.

Who Should Take this Course?

If you are interested in snow travel, this course is a great overview before enrolling in an AIARE Level One. It provides a great backbone from which to jump into an AIARE class. You will go into your AIARE class with the basic principles and lingo of avalanche safety.

This course is also an excellent choice for the backcountry veteran. An awareness clinics help you get back into the mindset of safe decision making in the backcountry. These clinics are typically free, so there is really no excuse not to take one.


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