Spotlight: Mountaineers at Ohio State

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The clubs and programs that are part of College Outside (AKA you guys) are the bread and butter of everything we do. So it’s about time they’re recognized for it. These club features are a place for our clubs to tell their craziest stories, best adventures, and what makes them truly unique and/or the best club to ever exist. We’ll let you guys debate that. We already know how cool they are, now everyone else can too. So, meet our first feature, the Mountaineers at Ohio State. This club from Ohio State University in Columbus, OH focuses on all kinds of outdoor activities, and a few shenanigans. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


1. Describe the essence of your club in a sentence or two. What makes you guys you!

The Mountaineers at Ohio State is an outdoor pursuits club designed to bring students with a common love for the outdoors together. Although it was originally founded as a rock-climbing and mountaineering organization, the Mountaineers has now expanded to encompass all realms of outdoor activities ranging from biking and skiing, to caving and skydiving.


2. What is your favorite event that you put on?

We have several awesome events that we put on each year, but our annual hosting of Reel Rock has to be one of our favorites! We rent out a theater at our local Film Center and this event almost completely sells out every year. We play the most recent release of Reel Rock and spend the evening enjoying the viewing. This event is open to everyone: our club members, alumni of the club, and outdoor enthusiasts from the general Columbus area. We also raffle off some great gear from sponsors like The North Face, CAMP USA, Nalgene, REI, etc. and donate a large portion of the proceeds to charities that help maintain our beautiful outdoors.


4. Tell us your deepest, darkest secrets… What’s something you wouldn’t want your mom to know about the happenings of your club? 

Nice try. Isn’t there a reason that they’re called secrets??? We already know our parents are going to read this article, we can’t break their hearts.


5. Do you have any absolutely legendary traditions? 

We have some awesome trips that go out annually that have become traditions for our club. To kick off the school year we have our annual Hoopla, where we take a group of members to the New River Gorge. We spend the weekend teaching members how to rock climb and spend a day free solo climbing on the water.

Over winter break we go out to Red Rocks, Nevada and spend the week rock climbing. We welcome in the New Year by hiking a mountain and watching the fireworks light up Las Vegas.

We also spend Memorial Day weekend hiking up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire in some pretty brutally cold conditions (definitely type two fun).

One of our favorite trips is during spring break when we drive out to Moab, Utah. There’s usually a big group of alumni that meet us there and we spend the week rock climbing, highlining, backpacking, mountain biking, anything you can think of. These trips form really strong bonds between our members and allow for us to keep solid connections with our alumni.

Another awesome tradition we hold dear to our heart: Whiskey Slaps. But we’ll leave that to your imagination.



6. What are you most proud of about your club? 

During this 2016-2017 school year, we have managed to almost triple the size of our club from 2015. This has allowed us to plan more trips for our members, provide our members with more gear that they can rent out, and get more involved with volunteering in our community.


8. If you could give a piece of sage advice from your club to the world what would it be? 

I think that our piece of advice would be to just stop being afraid to put yourself out there. We know that the friendships that we have made through the Mountaineers will be something that we hold close to our hearts for the rest of our lives. We’re all thankful that we took a chance and left our comfort zones in order to find those unique connections that we had been looking for.


9. Anything else you’d like to add…



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For more information about the Mountaineers, check out their website at Photo credit for the header photo goes to Instagram handle @ximeng_huang.

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