How to Get into Fly Fishing (via OutThere Colorado)

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By Joshua Winkler, OutThere Colorado

If you’ve been to Colorado, chances are you have seen anglers loading their waders, their weird looking fanny packs, tubes, bags, and all manner of confusing looking gear into their cars on the weekend. With their hundreds of little flies and river lingo, they can often make it seem like fly fishing is a sport perpetually out of reach for the uninitiated. In reality, getting into fly fishing is much more accessible than it looks. Below you’ll find our guide and recommendations for how to get into fly fishing.


The first step in going fly fishing is getting the right gear. Like any new sport, fly fishing will require an upfront investment, however, unlike skiing where you have to pay for a pass each year, once you have your annual fishing license, fishing is free. While you could go out and spend thousands of dollars to get yourself outfitted for a fly fishing trip, you can be just as prepared with this short list of items.


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