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At College Outside, we clearly like the great outdoors, like to the point of obsession. But this obsession is a healthy one, we promise! It’s a symbiotic relationship, in which we get to benefit from all the beautiful sights and activities Mother Nature has to offer us, and Mother Nature gets our full commitment to doing anything we can to help save her. We’re in an environmental crisis, and while our president may not acknowledge it, we sure can.

One way we go about doing this, is by being a 1% For the Planet member, meaning that 1% of our sales and revenue go directly to nonprofits working toward improving issues surrounding climate change. So our brand is the first environmentally conscious company we work with; it all starts at home. Another equally important way, is supporting and working with brands that are also environmentally conscious. Here’s just a few of the brands we work with that we absolutely love, not only for their awesome gear that helps us all get outside, but for their similar commitment to the health of the great outdoors.


1. Edelrid

Edelrid is a European company, so their sustainability statement is in a completely different language which makes it kind of difficult to interpret unless you’re cool and bilingual (unlike me). To sum it up in English, their company is doing a lot to keep their business green. One stand out way is their bluesign® Program. The bluesign® system is the most stringent environmental standard for the production of textile products, and Edelrid partnered with them in the production of their climbing ropes. This has reduced their CO2 emissions by 62%, saved water by 89%, reduced their energy consumption by 63%, and uses 63% less chemicals in production. Pretty dope, right? Next time you go climbing with one of their ropes you can send it a little easier without the weight of heavy environmental impacts weighing down on your shoulders.


2. adidas Outdoor

adidas Outdoor is doing a super cool collaboration with Parley, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Parley is, in their words, the space where creators, thinkers, and leaders come together to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans and collaborate on projects that can end their destruction. So, for adidas Outdoor, this means creating products out of recycled plastic found in the ocean. We can legit wear shirts, shorts, and shoes that are made from materials that once polluted our oceans. By wearing this stuff we’re taking that plastic out of the ocean and making it a healthier place! I can’t get over how awesome that is. Plus, College Outside members get 40% off adidas Outdoor products using code LEADOUTDOOR2016.



3. NEMO Equipment

In response to the recent withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, NEMO Founder Cam Brensinger pledged to double their sustainability efforts. Way to stick it to the man, NEMO. One thing that really stuck with me from this article is, “The outdoors is part of our identity and livelihood and a cherished asset we hope to preserve and pass along to our children.” So of course we should protect it any way we can! NEMO is doing this by, to list only a few of their sustainable initiatives: 1. Adopting the Higg Index to evaluate their environmental impact throughout the supply chain. 2. Being part of programs committed to conservation such as the Conservation Alliance. 3. Making high quality products using the most sustainable materials and processes available.


4. Toad&Co

Toad&Co has recognized that as they grow as a company, it becomes more and more important to adopt sustainable initiatives. For them, this starts with being a 1% For the Planet Company. It also means they try to have conservation efforts through the entirety of their products’ lives. According to the sustainability section of their website, studies suggest that 58% of the energy and 45% of the water that goes into a garment happens post-purchase. So to reduce this impact, their design philosophy and care instructions encourage high quality, low-maintenance, long-long lasting clothing. “Dirty is the new clean.” Seems to fit perfectly into most of our college, do-laundry-once-every-four-years lifestyle. They also make sure to use eco fabrics and fibers in the actual production of their clothing, have energy saving practices in their offices, and use 100% recycled materials in their packaging. AND to add on to the list, one of their biggest initiatives is to increase their use of bluesign® materials. So basically they’re like environmentally conscious super-heros.


We all love to get outside, and sadly that outside, and all the activities in it, is being threatened by climate change. So, we want to do anything we can to help save our little paradise of a planet, and for us this means working with some of the most environmentally conscious programs and brands out there. The more we all do, the more we can preserve all the activities we love so much for generations to come. Our kids want to ski powder too.

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