Essential gear for the most American 4th of July backpacking trip

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Three hundred and sixty-four days a year, venturing into the mountains on a backpacking trip means living sparingly. Like the humble tortoise, the American backpacker must take her home with her wherever she goes. It makes perfect sense, then, for hikers to ensure that their packs are always as light as possible. Straps are cut down, toothbrushes are sawed in half, and the completed pages of old paperbacks are tossed into the fire. However, there is one day a year when all this ultralight logic no longer applies, when worrying about shaving weight and using pack space efficiently becomes not only unacceptable, but downright un-American.

That day is the Fourth of July.

On the Fourth, backpacking comes with an entirely new set of rules. By all means, you should still get out and enjoy the backcountry during our nation’s birthday, just remember to make room in your pack for these Independance Day essentials along with you!




A campfire classic, you’re trip wouldn’t be complete without the unbeatable American triple-threat of graham crackers, marshmallows, and milk chocolate. Nobody can have just one without wanting some-more! So be sure to pack at least a couple bags of extra large ‘mallows and several pounds of chocolate.



On Uncle Sam’s birthday, say goodbye to freeze-dried backcountry meals and say hello to burgers, hotdogs, and steak! Disregard the weight penalty! Ignore the environmental impacts of our nation’s meat dependence! After all, it’s the Fourth, so dig in!   



Admittedly, there are some that might argue that using fireworks in a wilderness setting might violate some Leave-No-Trace principles. There are some who would say that detonating loud and violent explosives in a national forest could potentially have adverse effects on native flora and fauna. These people are no fun. These people have never experienced the sheer joy of lighting off a short-fused M-80 right next to a sleeping friend’s tent. Ignore these people.



Normally a luxury reserved for car camping, the USA’s big day is a perfect time for you to break out your favorite hooch on trail. Take whatever beverage you like, so long as it’s beer, it’s domestic, it’s nearly flavorless, and it comes in 30-racks. After all, the pain in your lower back from hauling all that booze up the mountain will be worth it once you make it to camp!    


A Ford F-150

The number one selling car in America is back and going where no truck has ever gone before! From the Appalachian Trail all the way to the mighty “fourteeners” of Colorado, this truck deserves to be celebrated for the true piece of patriotic machinery that it is. Not only a stylish addition to any summit photo, this rig’s four wheel drive capabilities will take you up even the steepest of alpine slopes faster and in far more luxury than any pair of ratty old hiking boots ever could.


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