How to destress during finals week

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This time of year, we’re all stressed. And that’s putting it lightly. There’s so much to prepare for and study and finish before the sweet relief of break, and it’s super overwhelming. Sometimes, the best way to deal with all this headache, is simply to take a break. That’s just what our photographer, Alexis D’Azevedo did to get her mind off the stress and recuperate in the great outdoors before finishing off school strong. Here’s photos from her trip and a brief tale about the details. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to get outside so you can get through finals week too.

Taking a Climbing Break

Myself, my boyfriend Daniel, and our friend Jackie decided to get out of Florida and get some much-needed vitamin O (outdoors). So, as finals approached we all decided that we needed to get away from school and work for some rock climbing. We gathered all the gear and started on the long 13-hour drive to Jasper Tennessee. Foster Falls really has it all when it comes to an all-around climbing destination. The camping is cheap and the climbing is top notch, so we really couldn’t have asked for a better situation.

Once we arrived and set up the tent we headed down to make the most of the daylight that was left. As we neared the bottom of the rocky trail, we heard the roar of the waterfall the spot is named after. We crossed the bridge and began the long hike to the climbing spots. My favorite part of climbing outside is how immersed you are in the nature, so when we saw a rattlesnake curled up on a rock I was excited but cautious not to disturb her.

We climbed at Foster for 2 days, my favorite climb that I did was a 5.9 called Miss Scarlet. Daniel also made a solid attempt at the route and we all really enjoyed being out in nature instead of being surrounded by the traffic of south Florida.

The real climbing began when we moved to Castle Rock for the last two days of our trip. Dan and I had climbed there before and we were very excited to show Jackie our favorite routes and the projects that we had planned to try. After setting up my ascending gear to be able to capture my photos, Jackie climbed an 11.c called Streakier. She absolutely killed it and seeing it from above was special to watch. Also, the best part of reaching the top of a climb at castle rock is the view. You are above the tree line and are able to see all of Jasper and the other mountains that surround you.

The next route that was conquered was a trad route called “You Wish I was Trad.” Oh, yes, we did wish because the first clip was 25 ft. off the ground. 25 feet is crazy high and we ended up having to stand on a ledge next to the start of the climb and use Jackie’s height to be able to reach the first clip with the draw so that she could safely attempt the route.

One of the best nights we had was the last night, we decided to make a fire and roast marshmallows. We all gathered around the flames and talked about our favorite parts of the trip and all the things we are going to do when we (definitely) return in the spring.

These trips really put things in perspective for me; as a college student most of my stress and concerns are around my school work and making sure that I graduate of time. When I am in nature with my favorite people, those worries seems so insignificant and I can completely focus on what I love to do, which is climbing and taking photos of beautiful places. The benefits of traveling when you are stressed is that it allows your brain and body to decompress and focus on something other than school work and exams. It is important for students to interact with nature because it is proven to help you come back more focused and ready than you were before leaving. This climbing trip was the highlight of my semester and I am already planning the next one.


Jackie Reich climbing at Jimmywood Foster Falls

Sending hard on Streaker 5.11c Castle rock

Topping out on Streakier 5.11c in Castle Rock, overlooking Jasper,TN

After the long approach to the crag Daniel Close looks up at potential routes to climb.

When in doubt… use knots!!

Myself and my boyfriend Daniel Close pausing to take a photo after a pretty scary climb, he always knows how to make me laugh.

S’mores time by the fire after a long day of sending hard.

Yes we do wish you were trad, Jackie climbing a sketchy route in Castle rock called ‘You wish I was trad’ 5.11

Celebrating after crushing this crazy route.

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