For the love of gear

Before I knew what had happened I heard a bounce, then a splash.“Oh no,” a co-worker said. From my spot at the back of the raft I turned around to see what had happened. I saw no apparent danger and no one seemed to have fallen out the rafts behind or ahead of me. So…


Advice for how to actually start climbing

Finding all the right gear is key to climbing of course, but there are other steps whose importance is often overlooked. Ironically this part is where you actually start to climb.   Picking a Gym Boulder has not one, not two, but three climbing gyms to choose from! Of course, all of my friends belonged to…


How to find the perfect sleeping bag

I am so antsy I can’t stand it. I sit through long lectures and labor through group projects and papers, but it is almost here. The birds know it, singing with a little more excitement each morning, the flowers know it, blooming their beautiful yellows and purples in a display of their happiness and anticipation….