adidas TERREX: Saving the World One Shoe at a Time

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All this talk about climate change and pollution can be overwhelming. Hearing about shrinking icebergs and the poor polar bears, unpredictable weather threatening skiing (among other slightly less important things like wildfires or floods), contamination of land and water, and the fact that our government doesn’t recognize that it exists, all makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry. It genuinely makes my stomach hurt.

As a person who, like many, doesn’t like belly aches and tears, I sometimes would rather ignore what’s happening than face another day of knowing that I, too, am a part of the problem. Namely, buying products to do all of the things we love is actually contributing to the pollution of the place we love to do these things: the great outdoors.

But wait, don’t start bawling with self loathing quite yet, there is still hope for us all! Since consumerism contributes to the problem, it also has the power to help solve it. For example, you’re already taking a great step towards a brighter future by choosing College Outside, which, among other dope things like being a 1% For the Planet member, works with a ton of eco-friendly brands. These brands, like College Outside, are committed to using their position to help the climate and pollution issues we face.

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One such brand is adidas Terrex. Amongst other incredible eco-friendly projects, adidas Terrex has paired up with Parley to produce gear made from recycled plastic recovered from the ocean. Parley is an organization based in NY whose mission is to eventually reduce plastic entirely. In the meantime, they save marine wildlife and habitats by cleaning up shorelines and oceans, and partnering with other companies and individuals to promote projects and campaigns to eliminate plastics from the ocean.

As far as eco-friendliness goes, I was sold on the recycling initiatives that this project promotes. Using Parley Ocean Plastic, a textile made from plastic recovered from the ocean, to make footwear and clothing not only brings awareness to the issues of plastic in the ocean, but also gives companies and consumers the ability to do something about it.

So to test out how the gear actually performs, I tried out an early pair of the Terrex Boat Parley Shoes. Since I’ve gotten these shoes, I’ve worn them everywhere from school to casual hikes to ski hills, and in every condition from rain to dirt to snow. Based on my experiences, here are the top three things you need to know about these shoes:

  1. The Terrex Boat Parley Shoe is a boat shoe, so they’re meant for being around water and warm days. The fabric is super breathable and dries fast, which is ideal for their purpose. But, part of being lightweight and breathable means they have openings with mesh in the bottom, so if I wasn’t using them as intended, namely wearing socks when it’s wet or when I was walking through snow, the soles of my feet got a little pruny.
  2. They’re suuuuper stylish. For anything from a day-to-day shoe to low-key running and hikes, I know I’m always lookin’ fly when I’m wearing my Terrex Boat Parley Shoes. This particular shoe is technically a mens,’ but I found the fit and style could function as unisex. I always get a ton of compliments on them and immediately get so excited to tell everyone that they’re made from recycled plastic from the ocean. Number one conversation starter.
  3. And finally, one of the most important features, they’re very comfortable. They slip on for ease with a sock-like fit that gives your ankles a little hug every time you slide them on. They’re quick to put on, but you can also walk around in them forever;  I haven’t gotten a single blister since I first put them on. These shoes are always my go-to for errands, light hikes, or heading to campus.

Audrey Morris | College Outside

And most of all, you need to know that I highly recommend them. They’re really great shoes and they’re saving the earth. Plain and simple. You can wipe a tear or two from your eyes wearing these shoes, knowing that you’re supporting a company that has a truly beneficent cause. Rep the Parley shirts, shorts, and other shoes available on the site as well to get the full effect of the healing power.

Buying a pair of shoes or a shirt may not feel like much when faced with the tide of issues around us, but every little piece counts. Supporting projects like Parley encourages other companies to do the same. Pretty soon they’ll all be fighting over the last scraps of plastic left contaminating our oceans and coming up with new ideas of similar benefit to our earth and everything on it.

To learn more visit the Parley page on the adidas Terrex website.

The Parley Boat Shoe isn’t the only piece of amazing gear from adidas Terrex. Everything you need to look fly outside is right here on College Outside:

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  2. Women’s apparel

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