adidas TERREX: A green brand?

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Here at College Outside, supporting companies who fight for the environment and sustainability has been part of our mission from the beginning. Let’s play a game: can you name a company that has stopped nearly 70 million plastic bags from entering circulation? How about one that makes shoes and apparel from recycled plastic from the ocean? Or one whose employees have volunteered over thirty thousand hours of their time? You might not guess it, but College Outside’s partner adidas TERREX is the company that made all of this happen and more.

Maybe you’re more clued in than I am, but these facts came as a surprise to me. Until I first came across an adidas TERREX parka a few years ago at a sample sale, I hadn’t given the company much thought, and definitely didn’t realize how committed they are to sustainability. But, lo and behold, adidas TERREX has been critically examining their supply chain and giving back to their community for decades.

One effort I want to highlight in particular is adidas TERREX’s collaboration with Parley for the Oceans. “[Parley] believes the power for change lies in the hands of the consumer – given he has a choice – and the power to shape this new consumer mindset lies in the hands of the creative industries.” With this idea as the foundation, adidas has worked with Parley to create a line of shoes and clothing using recycled plastic taken from the ocean. By creating products from recycled plastics, the two companies are tackling two problems at once, reducing the pollution in the environment, and not introducing new plastic through the production of their products. Utilizing consumers to aid in healing the environment is a bold step in the battle for our planet, and one that could leave a lasting impact.


Here are some more highlights of adidas TERREX’s environmental efforts over the last few years:

  • Switched to using paper bags, stopping almost 70 million plastic bags from entering the market
  • Has made a pledge to completely remove virgin plastic from their supply chain
  • Supported nearly sixty-thousand activists running over half a million kilometers to bring awareness to the perilous condition of our oceans
  • Has a goal of using 100% sustainable cotton by 2018
  • Regular audits of their supplier’s operations
  • Pioneered manufacturing processes that result in no textile waste
  • Last year was named the fifth most sustainable apparel company
  • Using DryDye to save 100 million liters of water


And if that wasn’t enough, as College Outside members, you can get 40% off adidas TERREX products using code LEADOUTDOOR2016 on (Also, this is an affiliate code, which means if you use it, College Outside gets some cash money back. Thanks in advance!) So go crazy with the shopping, no guilt included. By buying 14 pairs of new shoes and 263 jackets you’re saving money and the world! Go you. And go adidas TERREX!

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