Account Renewal


Hey College Outside Groups!

Every year we need you to update us on your group. It is important that we have this information so that we can continue to grow College Outside in a way that helps and supports your programs. We also need to make sure that only active members of your groups are given access to College Outside. Please read the instructions below to renew your accounts or update your rosters. Thanks for your help!

New Rosters were due on September 30th, 2017On October 1st, any account associated with a group that has not filled out this update will be suspended until we receive the update.
Note that we made a few changes this year:

1) You will submit your new roster through this form, NOT by e-mail.
2) If you would like to submit future rosters with membership or leadership additions, submit them by going to the Group Roster Update Page.
3) We have updated the membership level structure: In the roster you will indicate one “Group Account” that will be used for all group purchases. All leader and student accounts will be for individual purchases (including your own!) You can download a roster template and instructions below.


Account Renewal Application