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Help more students get outside by providing:

Affordable Gear

Getting the right gear is the #1 pain-point for students and outdoor groups. By acting as the collegiate sales channel for the Outdoor Industry, College Outside is able to streamline the ordering process for larger groups and institutions while offering the best prices on gear. We also provide special discounts on outdoor gear to college outdoor leaders and members.

Expert Advice

Buying gear for a group or rental program isn’t easy. Our team of gear experts can recommend durable and budget-friendly options that have work well for programs like yours. We do all of the research so you don’t have to.


We host intercollegiate outdoor-oriented events to introduce students to outdoor activities in a fun, low barrier-to-entry way. Events like our Collegiate Outdoor Leader Summit work to train the next generation of outdoor leaders. These events foster communication, networking, and friendships amongst students from different schools.


We believe in the power of the outdoors.

From our own experiences we have found that enjoyment of the outdoors is one of the most universal bonds out there. Outdoor experiences teach you so much about yourself and others. It’s not just about being active, it’s an emotional experience too. Exploration is a lifestyle choice and those with whom we choose to share that lifestyle help us grow and achieve our goals.

We believe students are the best explorers.

They are not rooted in habits, jobs, or location and are consciously trying to get out of their comfort zone. They are primed to be travelers, explorers, and adventurers; the outdoors is the ideal outlet and canvas for these ambitions.

We believe in protecting our Earth.

We like to think of our relationship with nature as a symbiotic one, in which we get to benefit from all the beautiful sights and activities Mother Nature has to offer us, and Mother Nature gets our full commitment to doing anything we can to help save her. This is why we are a 1% For the Planet member, meaning that 1% of our sales and revenue go directly to nonprofits working toward improving issues surrounding climate change. We are also a member of The Conservation Alliance, and prioritize working with brands that are environmentally conscious. Read more thoughts on this from our founder.

We created College Outside to be a trusted friend and resource that helps young outdoors-people to learn, be inspired, and get outside.

To hear more from our founder about the history of College Outside, our evolution, company culture, and so much more, check out the College Outside podcast episode from Reddy Yetti.

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[HQ- Carpinteria, CA]

Sarah Lockwood, Founder and CEO

Has lived in: Hawaii, Boston, France, Colorado, and California. Would rather be: Climbing, backcountry skiing, surfing, fly fishing, trail running, yoga-ing, or paragliding! Alumna of the Tufts Mountain Club (and the Loj!) Two truths and a lie: She has hiked all 48 4,000 footers in New Hampshire, she has climbed El Capitan, she lived in her truck for a year. Instagram: @slockwood09

Jacob Edelman, Operations & Account Manager

When Jacob isn’t crushing for College Outside, you can typically find him climbing, drinking beer, or hanging with his dogs: Merlin and Maisie. If you’re lucky, you’ll find him doing all three. After spending two years telecommuting from Burlington, Vermont, Jacob moved out to California to join the CO Team full-time.

Ronnie Eder, Director of Marketing and Branding

Ronnie was hanging out in Washington DC, just minding her own business, when suddenly she fell through a trapdoor that led straight to College Outside. Luckily, the Carpinteria weather is a serious upgrade from the humid DC swamp. Ronnie is a guru of all things digital. When she is not riding her bicycle, she also enjoys playing ultimate and doing anything outside. Important Fact: Ronnie is a Gryffindor. Favorite Breakfast food: Nutella-stuffed french toast. Instagram: @88ronnie

Becky Eder, Membership and Group Sales

Becky can’t figure out how to stay indoors, so she spends most of the year traveling the country in her Ford Transit van. When she’s not selling gear for College Outside, Becky likes to be a beginner at everything outdoors, but especially canoeing, and she’ll always call the north woods of Wisconsin home. Fun fact: Becky is the Camp Birch Trail 2017 Dutch Oven Cookoff champion.

Merlin The Dog, Team Support

A wizard, a gentleman, a scholar? The answer is all three. Merlin enjoys the finer things in life: snoozing in the peace and quiet, walks in the woods and getting a belly rub after a long day of swimming. Merlin’s speed and impeccable coordination make him no match for other dogs when it comes to fetch-especially when there’s a Frisbee involved. His persistent attitude and can do work ethic makes you wonder if he will ever get tired of bringing that stick back to you. Merlin takes his job at College Outside pretty seriously; he likes to keep steady vibes with his calming presence and he’s always there to lend a paw if you need it.

Maisie The Dog, Team Support

Born and raised on the east coast, Maisie is excited for her new life as a Cali girl. While she is still learning the in’s and out’s of being a good doggo, she’s a bundle of love and isn’t afraid to show it. She has an endless curiosity for life and she loves exploring new places. Maisie is a natural water dog and her favorite trick is to pick up rocks from under the water and put them in piles on the shore. Maisie is responsible for keeping the office vibes paw-sitive.


Adam Coles, Membership and Outreach

Adam is a junior at Colgate University where he studies Geology, but was raised between the Great Lakes in Michigan. An avid outdoorsman, he spends most free time biking or running the trails of the Adirondack High Peaks. Find Adam on most weekends at the climbing crag, or eating “snickadillas” next to the campfire.

Amira Silverman, Social Media

Amira grew up eating dirt and wrestling garter snakes nestled between the quaint Green Mountains of Vermont and Lake Champlain. Now a sophomore at Skidmore College, she enjoys all things outside, especially hiking, climbing, and doing mountaintop handstands. She doesn’t eat dirt anymore, but she’s pretty good at making (and eating) Annie’s Mac and Cheese.

Erica Givans, Marketing

Erica is a Senior at Temple University in Philadelphia, getting her BA in Advertising and a minor in Psychology. Originally she’s from Bend, Oregon where she learned almost everything she knows about getting dirty! She is happiest straddling the line between being a total climbing dirtbag and a city slicker. If you want her to love you, recommend a good book, or a good beer, she has an affinity for both!

Lily Esposito, Membership and Outreach

Lily spent most of her life in Los Angeles but traded the City of Angels for the Adirondack Mountains. She currently goes to school at Skidmore College, where she is in her junior year working toward an Environmental Studies degree while also kickin it as the Skidmore Outing Club Co-President. She prefers pancakes over waffles, liquid soap over bar, and holes in the ground over toilets. Catch her hiking, humming, and hydrating on a mountain near you!

Victoria Smith, Product Specialist

Vic grew up on the shores of Long Island doing any water sport imaginable. She didn’t get a hang for the land outdoorsy adventures until she got to college in the city (weird). Vic is a(n intentional) super senior at Drexel University studying Mechanical Engineering with minors in Business Administration and Engineering Management. In her free time, she’s the President of the Drexel Weekend Warriors (Drexel’s premier outdoors club) and thoroughly enjoys laying in her hammock on campus, backpacking in cool places, and drinking good beers with even better friends!

Will Chang, Senior Product Specialist

If there’s a Will, there’s probably a crag and doggo nearby. He discovered climbing in his first year at Boston University and hasn’t looked back since. Since then he’s had the opportunity to take some big trips (mostly to Red Rocks) and even bigger whippers (mostly at Rumney). Other good things in Will’s life are bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica. Will also enjoyed a productive, scandal-free political career as Co-President of BU’s Outing Club, one of Boston’s most prestigious underfunded organizations. On rest days, Will studies International Relations and Environmental Policy, and continues to get people outside any way he can.

Zoe Gates, Assistant Editor and Outreach

Zoe is the president of the Brown University Outing Club, and when she’s not outside or at the climbing gym, she’s probably eating snacks in the club’s dusty basement gear room. Her parents are convinced she never attends class, but Zoe plans to graduate from Brown with a degree in Nonfiction Writing only one semester behind schedule! After spending a semester in Boulder, CO interning at Climbing magazine and climbing a bunch of rocks, she is excited to return to school to lead trips and cook for the BOC’s famous potluck dinners. And study, of course….



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