Articles by Rachel Nypaver

Ray currently resides in Boulder, CO where she attends Naropa University as a grad student in the Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy program. When she is not studying or working as an online running coach, she can be found playing in the mountains with her adventure partner, Pacer, an Australian Shepard. Most notably, Ray and Pacer thru-hiked the Colorado Trail in August of 2015. While she is passionate about exploring and using her physical body to push up mountains, her true draw to the wilderness is to strengthen her connection with Mother Nature. After graduation, her goal is to help other women find their wings by using the wilderness as a therapeutic tool to reconnect with one’s own inner strength and beauty.


Advice for how to actually start climbing

Finding all the right gear is key to climbing of course, but there are other steps whose importance is often overlooked. Ironically this part is where you actually start to climb.   Picking a Gym Boulder has not one, not two, but three climbing gyms to choose from! Of course, all of my friends belonged to…


Anthem to the women of the wild

For many women in the United States and in countries around the world, the past few months have been highlighted with women marching and standing strong together. With the recent celebration of International Women’s Day, I felt the urge to share my own inspiration of women in the outdoors. You don’t need to look far…