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Who we are and what we do in a nut shell:

College Outside is a networking and marketing/media company that connects the outdoor industry with its future customers by creating a network of existing collegiate outing clubs across the country. We do this by planning, promoting, and executing intercollegiate events and creating a website that is the online hub and resource for outdoor-oriented college students.

Why Work With Us

College students represent an incredibly important demographic who can determine the success or failure of a company in a highly competitive industry. Not only are they an incredibly lucrative demographic (with about $117 billion in discretionary spending power), but they are also incredibly impressionable, and by truly connecting with them, you can create a customer for life.

Many brands understand the importance of the demographic, but come short when creating a strategy to truly engage with this age group. Within the outdoor industry, many companies attempt to engage this untapped-demographic through a one-size-fits-all marketing approach with general, broad stroke advertising that is age appropriate, at best. For the millennial generation, a personalized, interactive, and peer-to-peer mentality will trump over mass advertising.

College Outside does the leg work of building relationships with a community of truly passionate and influential young individuals through their pre-established collegiate outing clubs. These students are thirsty for knowledge and experiences that will help them grow as outdoor-oriented individuals, and by partnering with us, you can be a part of the conversation.

We partner with the most innovative brands in the outdoor industry who wish to participate in, contribute to, and leverage these focused communities and spaces via an online and in-person model that focuses on education and direct action. The result will be a measurable, community based marketing program that builds customer loyalty through education, ties to local retailers, and hands-on demonstration.

Outdoor Economics: A Bird’s Eye View

Abstract from “The Outdoor Industry: An Evolving Market” The outdoor industry is inherently difficult to define as it is at the intersection of several complementary segments of larger industries. It can be best explained as a complex and hybrid market space consisting of a large array of participants and products. Although there are several participation…

Background Behind Our Economic Research Study

Going through college as a student entrepreneur is a very unique state of being. A mentor, and former student entrepreneur himself, told me early in my college career, “you will have no more free time to start a business than you will while you are in college.” I was doubtful, as the college lifestyle is notoriously…