College Outside F.A.Q

What is College Outside?

College Outside is a resource for collegiate outdoor programs across the country. As a part of College Outside, outdoor program members, leaders, and administrators get access to our gear-discount site to buy gear for themselves and for their programs! We also host awesome intercollegiate events (like our Collegiate Ice Carnival) and provide relevant student-facing content from our team of all-star student journalists. Our main mission is to support these outdoor programs and help more students get introduced to the outdoors! If your program is interested in joining the network and accessing these benefits, Apply Now!


Tell me more about your retail site. 

College Outside has the first ever retail site that is exclusively for outing club or outdoor education programs, leaders, and members. It was built in order to streamline your club or program’s gear purchasing process. You can expect the same discounts you would get if you reached out to each of the companies we work with individually. It is a FREE member’s only retail site. In order to gain access to you have a be a leader or member of a certified college outing club or outdoor education program.


How do I join?

The current outing club or outdoor education program coordinator/president/administrator can apply for access HERE. Club or program administrators and leaders will need to send us a roster of active leaders and members each semester, who will then have an account created for them. Roster templates can be found and uploaded in the application. Individuals can only gain access through their program administrator or leader.


How do I become a verified member of my outing club or outdoor education program?

College Outside will create accounts for all active members and leaders of college outdoor programs. The list of active members and leaders is provided by each program’s president, admin, or advisor. Talk with your outing club or program leader about joining your campus chapter! Once your program administrator or leader has added you to their roster, you will have an account created for you.


Do only leaders get access to the retail site?

No! Both leaders AND members of your outing club or program will get access. You can also use the retail site for larger program orders.


Can I place orders for myself individually as well as for my club or program?

Yes! You can designate one person from each club or program who will be placing the orders for your club or program. In this way, we can remove any of the minimum or maximum purchasing restrictions. All other individuals will have buying limits, and are only allowed to purchase gear for themselves.


What are the 8 Gear Commandments?

The Commandments serve as rules and expectations for the website. These are the rules that we must all respect in order for us to be able to sell you gear at a discount. See the 8 Gear Commandments here


Why was my account suspended?

College Outside purges its users once a year. This enables us to keep to keep our system up to date and prevent abuse. Current student accounts will be re-activated once their schools sends us an updated roster. If you think your account has been suspended by mistake, please contact your program administrator or coordinator.


Who are the vendors/brands?

We are always adding new vendors to the site to improve your ability to access the great outdoors. Log in to view our current vendors! We will send you an e-mail whenever a new brand is added to the site!


What discounts are applicable to me?

Several discount levels are applicable for students. Unfortunately, only current leaders and members of outing clubs/outdoor education programs are granted access at this time.


Why not use other pro-deal sites or order through individual companies?

College Outside is the first exclusive online website designed specifically for college outing clubs and outdoor education programs. By using College Outside, you will get the same discounts you would have received by working through a company directly. The discount will be better than other pro-sites, as they are designed specifically for you!


Can I order for my friends/family?

NO. College Outside gear is only available for personal and club use. College Outside will monitor purchasing habits to prevent program abuse. You may not, under any circumstances, order gear for friends and family.


What if I still have a question?

Our priority at College Outside is to allow available and affordable access to the great outdoors. We are here to serve you! If you have any questions not outlined in the FAQ, please contact so we can answer your question and possibly help other students who may be wondering the same thing.



Go Outside!