About Us

Hey Everyone,

Here at College Outside, we believe in the power of the outdoors. From our own experiences we have found that enjoyment of the outdoors is one of the most universal bonds out there. Outdoor experiences teach you so much about yourself and others. It is not just about being active, it is an emotional experience too. Exploration is a lifestyle choice and those who we chose to share that lifestyle with are like us on a fundamental level. They help us grow and achieve our goals. We create, share, and don’t believe in boundaries. College Outside is our attempt at taking that lifestyle and turning it into a career. So we thought, why couldn’t we help students do the same along the way?

We believe that students are the best explorers because of their newfound freedom. More than anyone else they are not rooted in habits, jobs, or location and are consciously trying to get out of their comfort zone. They are primed to be travelers, explorers, and adventurers; the outdoors is the ideal outlet and canvas for these ambitions. However, beyond their immediate outdoor club there is no reliable place for them to turn to for advice and information.

That is why we created College Outside: to be a trusted friend and place that inspires young outdoorsmen to learn, be inspired, and get outside.

Our Mission

Our belief is that there is a chasm between the current outdoor industry and students who are interested in the outdoors. Students deserve relatable and accessible tools to help them and their friends to get outdoors, yet an aging industry has created a communication and mentorship gap that many struggle to cross. The outdoor industry should have a vested interest in a student’s education as an outdoorsman as they are the future of the industry. We believe that we are the ones that are going to bridge that gap and do so by:

  • Providing exclusive discounts on outdoor gear to college outdoor programs.
  • Designing an online hub for aspiring student adventure journalists to share their experiences with their peers, while providing students across the country with tools and resources to help them get outside.
  • Creating intercollegiate outdoor-oriented events to introduce students to outdoor activities in a fun, low barrier-to-entry approach, as well as to foster communication and friendships amongst students from different schools