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Gear Highlight: adidas Outdoor Terrex Hardshell

Sponsored Series: Curtis Burrowes and Justin Raphaelson are two well-worn travelers who hail from New England. This is their second cross-country trip across the states in successive years. With the help of College Outside and adidas Outdoor, they have been fully outfitted for their dastardly deeds on the Colorado 14ers and on the crags at Yosemite…

Woodhull Creeking with Colgate Outdoor Education

Woodhull Creeking with Colgate Outdoor Education

e’d been looking at the Woodhull’s level all week and by the time we put on, it was about 9 ft – bigger than we’d ever run it. Heather Braun, who Stan knew from raft guiding at Adirondack River Outfitters, came down from Skidmore and we did our best. Stan took a rough swim and…

St. Michael's College

Why Do I Rock Climb?

‘ve often been asked why I rock climb, and although the answer to this question is incredibly complex and varies person by person, I decided to write down a few of my top reasons why I love to climb. 1. I like that when you climb, you can’t think about anything else but climbing. You…