Social media induced adventuring FOMO

Despite the crowds, the many miles still to come, and the newest blister on my right heel, I couldn’t ignore the fact that it was, truly, an incredible view. Halfway through the Presidential Traverse in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, four friends and I cheered as we summited Mount Washington. The tallest mountain in New England,…


Student athlete feature: Nathan Witley

College is hard; I struggle to balance work, school and my weekend warrior outdoor lifestyle. I think many will agree that dilemmas such as, “Do I read this chapter about Supply Chain Management or go skiing with my friends?” or, “Should I practice a few more differential equations or head over for Beer and Bouldering…


A quick guide on how to survive until summer

It’s nearing the end of the school year. The smell of sunshine, blossoming trees, fresh grass, and fresh manure-ey mulch are tantalizingly calling all our names. Sometimes you may start to ponder things like, Why am I here? or think to yourself, I just wanna be outside all the time. Or maybe even wonder, How…

Club Features

Spotlight: Mountaineers at Ohio State

The clubs and programs that are part of College Outside (AKA you guys) are the bread and butter of everything we do. So it’s about time they’re recognized for it. These club features are a place for our clubs to tell their craziest stories, best adventures, and what makes them truly unique and/or the best…