Club Features

Spotlight: UConn Outing Club

The clubs and programs that are part of College Outside (AKA you guys) are the bread and butter of everything we do. So it’s about time they’re recognized for it. These club features are a place for our clubs to tell their craziest stories, best adventures, and what makes them truly unique and/or the best…


Thank you mom for making me outdoorsy

Being in college, a lot of us don’t get to see our families all that often. I, for one, attend school 14 hours from my hometown, so a weekend trip to visit isn’t easy. When I do come home, I find myself appreciating being with my family much more than I ever did as a…


For the love of gear

Before I knew what had happened I heard a bounce, then a splash.“Oh no,” a co-worker said. From my spot at the back of the raft I turned around to see what had happened. I saw no apparent danger and no one seemed to have fallen out the rafts behind or ahead of me. So…

From the world

Photography spotlight: Zach Doleac

Zach Doleac is a Seattle based outdoor photographer living the life that many of us dream of. He just finished a photo project on the powder slopes above Lake Tahoe and will be headed to Hawaii for a surf shoot later this month. After learning the ins and outs of marketing working for K2 Skis…


Advice for how to actually start climbing

Finding all the right gear is key to climbing of course, but there are other steps whose importance is often overlooked. Ironically this part is where you actually start to climb.   Picking a Gym Boulder has not one, not two, but three climbing gyms to choose from! Of course, all of my friends belonged to…