New Hampshire Gem: North Mountain, Pawtuckaway State Park

While southern New Hampshire’s Pawtuckaway State Park’s boulders typically attract rock climbers, the area is also home to a number of scenic and accessible day hikes. Just over an hour’s drive north of Boston, the park offers a number of options that are great for outing club trips aimed at a range of experience levels….


Top 7 Outdoor-Inspired Procrastination Tools

here is no true replacement for enjoying time outdoors. Hiking in the mountains, climbing outside, or paddling in the waves are activities that can’t be replicated. Being outside is being outside. However, if you need a little procrastination break in the library or are stranded in the urban jungle, here are our of my favorite websites,…


How to Enjoy Ice Climbing 101

hen I signed up for my first ice-climbing clinic this winter, I had no idea what to expect. Would I like it as much as rock climbing? Would I be able to use those crazy-looking ice tools? Would I experience the dreaded “screaming barfies” that make all climbers cringe? I was both eager and hesitant…


The 5 Best… and 5 Worst Outdoorsy Date Ideas

This guide to dating in the outdoors will prepare you for the rigors of the college outing club dating scene. If you are looking to make it to that second date, follow my advice and steer clear of my five worst ideas. Hopefully one of my better ideas will get you not only a second…