Saying goodbye to the Northeast, crag by crag, one chalk at a time.

  Some say we are like books: our lives are a composition of chapters, each one chronicling growth and change—my middle school graduation, moving across the world for college—while some chapters foreshadow adventures and dreams—being introduced to climbing, hearing a kick-ass female journalist speak—and few provide key highlights—accepting my dream internship—or deep sadness—saying semi-permanent goodbyes…

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Help Preserve the Adirondacks!

We need your help! New York State has purchased 20,500 acres of land in the High Peaks Wilderness, known as Boreas Ponds. Right in the heart of Adirondack State Park, this new plot of land would create one contiguous plot of land 280,000 acres in size. (That’s bigger than Rocky Mountain National Park!) So why do we need…


10 Ideas to spice up your Outing Club!

Since most college outing clubs revolve around weekend trips with limited spots, it can be difficult to foster the sense of community that other clubs boast about. Here are some ideas to keep club spirit alive right on campus and bring together students with similar interests. 1) Do yoga on the quad  If any member…


Spring Break On a Dollar and a Dream

When March rolls around, one is faced with the predicament of how to spend the sacred time off known as Spring Break. I was drawn to a simple, and hopefully adventure filled plan. It all started with an unseasonably beautiful March day in Hamilton, NY.  Colgate students and faculty generally experience such long and frigid winters,…

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Robbers Roost Canyon Robbed my Heart

The phenomenon of Type Two fun is psychologically fascinating. It is comprised of this idea that while you’re doing an activity, any activity really, it might be entirely miserable. I’m referencing the broken-down and teary. The reduced emotional states of illness or the energy sweeping powers of the flu. That kind of miserable, when everything…