How to Ski for Free (or Really Cheap)

ith Winter fast approaching, it is time to start considering the numerous extraordinary options available for college students to ski and board for very cheap. Skiing and snowboarding are expensive sports, especially considering the $70+ a day lift ticket price you have to drop each trip. However, college season passes make it much more affordable…


Trail Running 101: Getting Hooked

t’s well into Fall, leaves are changing, and students across the country are soaking up the last warm rays before winter sets in. A great way to enjoy this beautiful season is to get outside and go for a trail run. In addition to allowing you to enjoy fall colors, trail running can breathe some life…

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Is Going Outside Destroying the Places We Love?

n the weekend of September 21st I took a break from the rocks, the trails, and the forest and instead headed to the Big Apple, to participate in the largest demonstration for action on climate change in the history of the movement. Four hundred thousand people peacefully walked the streets of New York City to…